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Food Kulture is a unique lifestyle network, website that connects viewers to the power and joy of food. The network strives to be viewers’ best friend in food and is committed to leading by teaching, inspiring and empowering through its talent and expertise.

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Come and explore with us the world of some delicious food from various cities of India. If you want to discover the real sights and sounds of India and go on an adventure with food from across the country, watch our show.

Pizza @ Fozzie's Pizzaiolo | 100% charcoal fired | Ahmedabad

A wide array of authentic coal fired pizzas, served with a mad range of flavors and ingredients.

Food Fest | Bhakhri Pizza | Chotu Burger | Ahmedabad | LD college of Engineering | Food Kulture

Amazing food fest organised by L.D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

Cheese bhel | Yogurt cheese kachori | Ahmedabad | Street Food | Food Kulture

Wonderful snacks on the streets of ahmedabad. This little corner is the most popular street food in ahmedabad because of its innovative idea. Lots and Lots of cheese.

Ahmedabad Uttarayan Special | Undhiyu (Matka) | Food Kulture

Undhiyu is a Gujarati mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Gujarat, India.

56 Bhog | food factory | New Year Celebration

Food Kulture | awesome food | food factory | New Year Celebration | 31st Dec 2014

Christmas Special | Thematic Restaurants

Food Kulture | Thematic Restaurants | Christmas Celebration

Delicious Desserts

Trupti IceCream Parlour from Gandhinagar

Maggi na Bhajiya | Ahmedabad | Street Food | Food Kulture

Wonderful bhajiya made from maggi. This little corner is the most popular street food in ahmedabad because of its innovative idea.

Chinese Bhel - Indian Fast Food Recipe

Chinese Bhel is an Indian twist to Chinese Flavored snack recipe. Chinese bhel is a widely available Indian street food chaat item. It requires is a quick mix of minimal ingredients. Munch on this crispy starter dish when waiting for the main course. Chef Ruchi Bharani teaches how to make this simple and easy to cook quick homemade snack recipe!

Rajma Masala Recipe

Rajma Chawal is very famous Indian food but use can also enjoy this rajmah with chappati, naan or paratha.This Delicious Main Course Dish is ideal for Lunch and Dinner. You can serve this as Main Course Vegetarian Dish in Parties.

Upcoming street food episode

Upcoming street food episode. Lots more videos coming on Food Kulture.

What We Do!

Welcome to www.Foodkulture.in, the on-line pool of simple home-made recipes. Who can be more disappointed than a hungry man who is on diet with mouth watering fancy food on his table?. A Spanish proverb says The belly rules the mind. Well, the good news is, mouth watering food can still be healthy enough for anyone to eat. Above all, it can be simple enough for anyone to make it. That is the whole idea of this website. In a nutshell, this website contains simple, delicious and healthy dishes that can be made at your home. Everyday there is something new to learn and something new to share. 'Knowledge increases by sharing'. You are welcome to share your cooking ideas, recipes, simple tips and other suggestions.

Overall, you will find the site interesting and full of tasty food. The presentation and explanation may not be very professional but definitely simple to understand. It will surely motivate anyone to cook. Bachelors, newly weds, new cooks or anyone new to Indian cuisine can try these recipes. It is explained in very simple english with detailed steps. You can post in any queries or doubts any time. It will be replied within 24 hours. I hope these recipes will surely help to improve your cooking. A person with lot of information is a knowledgeable man. But a wise man puts the knowledge to application. So I encourage you to try out all the recipes.

Our Work is to...

  • Provide simple and excellent recipes.
  • Make you HEALTHIER.
  • To show the different FOOD KULTURE around India.

About Us


Find out some mouth watering recipes in our site as well as some fun street food videos captured from the various parts of India.

Our Team

We are group of friends and we travel different places and explore different varieties of foods. People behind the hard work that we put to make videos related to food are Ashish Verma (Director of photography), Avinash Shukla (host), Shashank Walia (host) and the best editor in town Nihal Mishra.

Inside Food Kulture

Food Kulture is all about to spread awareness of different types of foods that is widely used by Indian public in their daily life.

Our Goals

We live in a country that have different types culture and Our Goal is to show the different types of food from the different cities in Indian societies.

Contact Information

Contact us for if you have some new ideas and if you think you know a place where we can go and shoot the different food then write it to us.

Ahmedabad Gujarat

Email- info@foodkulture.in

Call us on +91 7779066066